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Sydney was a remote Island but who thought that this place will one day become anyone would be proud to call their home in. In the city there is a real feeling of safety in the streets people are very friend approachable. And you will find that it very easy to get around.

Transportation Guide:
When you arrive at the airport you have two main options to get to the downtown. One you can either go by airport link train. It will 15 minutes to get to center of city. The other option is always the private Taxi. Uber or other private services are available at any time.
You need opal card for using public transportation. Sydney is very advance city, just using card you can use buses ferries trains pretty much everything here.

Now pack your bag to your first location.
Things to do in Sydney:
Here are some places you can visit in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Tower Eye:
While you are in the downtown first place to explore whole city from top. And Sydney Tower Eye is a perfect view for it. It the tallest structure in this city. It is 309m tall from top to bottom. And on the clear day you can see blue mountains in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the East. Enjoy birds-eye view of the harbor.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:
Now, go to enjoy natural scenes of the city at Sydney Harbour the envy of all other harbours around the World. You can easily spend majority of your trip here and leave with a great experience. It is home to Sydney’s most famous attractions. A Harbour Bridge in the Opera House and at the center of it all is the circular key a bustling promenade connecting the two that’s alive with street performers shops and restaurants. The circular keys like a powerful magnet that draws in both tourist and locals not only for these beautiful views of the Harbour. But it is also perfect place to take a stroll or just hang out in a restaurant people watch it’s the heartbeat of the city. Climbing to Harbour Bridge may be one of the best experiences of your life. But make sure to keep $200 with you because it is the charges for tour.

Opera House:
House which is known for its symbolic design is Sydney Opera House. Sail leg structure dominating the Harbour ready to cast out into the World. You should take a guided tour for inside or come in night and see a concert. Spend most of your time watching this iconic structure and walk around the building take pictures.

Bondi Beach:
Traveling to your Beach and taking Sun Bath refreshes a person his mental and physical health both. You should always after go to Beach after regular period of time. If you have time to visit one beach in Sydney, then Bondi is where you want to be. It has awesome views huge waves and a lot to see.

Royal Botanic Garden:
Royal Botanic Garden is a calm and relaxing where people come to breathe in fresh air and in touch with nature for a little while. All of these in the Heart of Sydney. Travel in small train, take pictures of beautiful birds and sit on chair under the trees forgetting all your worries. Flock of wild cockatoos that gather here is the biggest attraction here Botanic Garden.

FeatherDale Park:
Animals are just love. They love humans unintentionally if you love them. If you ever dream of playing with Kangaroos and Koalas so FeatherDale Wild Life Park is the right choice. It take only 45 minutes in train from central Sydney to FeatherDale Wild Park. Most of the people become familiar with Australia through nature and wildlife shows. And here in Wild Life Park you can get up close personal with the animals. Unlike others zoo around the world. Indigenous to Australia found here like Wallabies to Crocodiles. Without looking to Koala, you even trip to Sydney? I don’t think so. Petting the Kangaroos here will coolest and peaceful experience you could ever imagine.

Hyde Park:
If you are coming after sunset, you will see Australia’s megabit called the grey headed flying fox. In 1932, center fountain was built in this Park, honoring contribution of Australia in World War 1 in France.

Visit Graffiti Tunnel:
If you are Art lover then Graffiti Tunnel is the right place for you to visit. This tunnel is built underground and completely sprayed with graffiti. You can spray here. Make sure you are not irritating with fumes because fumes here are strong.

Luna Park:
An amusement Park is in center of Sydney. Luna Park Sydney is a ramp oddity in the world of theme parks. With having 80 years of worth history multiple closures reopens and changes of management is doing incredibly well to survive in theme park market. Smaller section of rides for whole family like merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and dodging cars are here. Thrilling rides are also here like hair raiser and wooden wild mouse roller coaster makes your trip more amazing. The vintage attraction is great fool around him and provide some light fun to which her an excellent change of pace to the other rides in the Park. All you have in the end is fun as Park’s slogan is “Just for Fun”

Art Gallery:
Near Royal Botanic Garden, Art Gallery is located. Astonishing art of Asia and European is found here. This gallery is also home to one of the largest ancient art in Australia.

George Street:

If old building art and street impress you, then you should not miss George Street in Sydney. Many old and building are still found here. Don not miss to see ST Andrews Cathedral and The Strand Arcade for surprising architectural design.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium:
Marine lovers find their solution here. There are number of zones you should explore. You can find Sharks, different species of fishes and Penguins in the Penguins section.

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