Travel To Dubai

Travel to Dubai

United Arab Emirates is combination of seven emirates in which Dubai is one of them. Located on the coast side of Persian Gulf. The World knows Dubai is know for charm rich and joyful lifestyle. Economically in 21st this country has best story, making it people’s favorite destination for tour. Dubai sets example for other country in aggressive development campaign in 50 years. Till this day city is growing by each passing day. In past, it found power in oil but these days it is being sought out for its high-end real estate and luxurious tourism.

Dubai is definitely not the destination for small budget trip having reasonably budget helps. Before giving tips and suggestions about do and don’t in Dubai. First let’s get some general tips.

General Tips for Dubai Tour:
Advance Booking of Hotel:

People visits to Dubai in all 12 months of the year. And especially during months between April to October is consider best time to visit here. So, advance booking of your hotel is recommended. At least a month before your trip.

Just after In Dubai Arrival:
Unless you arrive by ship you will fly into Dubai International Airport getting through immigration can take an hour or more. As you in one of the busiest Airport of the World. As a first tip you should use electronic fast gates for which you have to pre-register. Just after coming out of Airport, if you book hotel already then most of Hotels provide shuttle service otherwise you should follow this tip. You have multiple options like limousine service common in this city, you can use Metro (all Metros here are fully automated and driverless). My personal recommendation to view and enter city is by taxis. They are fairly cheap it will cost you 2 Durham’s per kilometer which is nearly 0.5$. Make sure to get an official taxi with a fare meter rather than private taxis. Taxis with pink roof are reserved for woman traveling alone. If the sign of taxi on roof is yellow this means taxi is free and red means occupied.

Dress Moderation in Dubai:
UAE is an Islamic state and Muslims dress is very decent. Try not to wear tight, short or transparent dress.
Alcohol is Prohibit:
Alcohol is prohibited in Islam so is in Dubai. You can only purchase from bars plus if you have a permit. Drinking in public places is strictly prohibited.

Taking Pictures In Dubai:
Generally, if you are at any place of world, taking pictures of someone without permission is not a good habit. And in Islamic countries you should be more precautious. Make sure taking touristy area before taking pictures. On the other hand, never take picture of Muslim women without her permission.
Now let’s proceed to things you should do in Dubai City.

Things to do in Dubai:
Stay at Burj Al Arab:

The tower of Arabs, a five-star resort was built to look like a sail. Imagine watching Gold Leafing in Marble. Yes 20,000 square feet of Gold Leaf in the marble that Michelangelo used. The room price ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 a night for their absolute Deluxe suite. It will be pretty insane for you, when they will serve you cocktails that has gold in them 24k Gold. You will assign with your own personal Butler. There you will sight some rare views in Burj Al Arab. There is a special service in which they draw bath for you and do rose petals all you can experience once you are there. Outside three pools outside. There is a beach which is not like ordinary beach because the sand on this beach is from Saudi Arabia. It the heaviest sand so it does not blow on your face when you are resting on beach. Is there any reason to miss Burj Al Arab? No!

Desert Safari Tour In Dubai:
One of the most incredible experience that you can do here in Dubai is a Desert Safari tour. It’s the size of Spain, France and Netherlands combined making it the World largest sand desert. It is called empty quarters. First you can wear traditional “Shila” it protects from sun scorching and from sand storm. You can witness national animal of UAE “Arabian Oryx”. Dinner at Bedouin village which is traditional and you will experience how people used to live back in the day here.
Visit Mall of Emirates: Shopping is always fun. And if there was only one thing Dubai would be famous so that will be exactly shopping. It is must for all shopping enthusiasts is a visit to the Mall of the Emirates. Beside shopping there are two splendid food courts where you can taste food from anywhere in the world. Ski Dubai is the biggest surprise in this Mall. You can go skiing there. 85-meter-high indoor mountain is there, a quad lift and toe lift carry skiers and snowboarders up to its peak.

Helicopter Ride In Dubai:
There is a Heli operator right next to the Atlantis Hotel. You can book trips from 20 minutes onwards according to your budget. Typical flight will cover the Palm Jumeriah Island, The Burj Al Arab, glimpse to the world Island and amazing view to downtown Dubai with Burj Khalifa. So, leak your drone camera home and enjoy views directly by yourself.

Eat Brunch: You cannot leave Dubai without trying one their brunches. Jumeirah Al- Qasr they have been awarded with the best outdoor brunch here. You need to pace yourself as there are so many verities of drinks and food and you have only 4 hours to taste them all.

Talisa Spa Madinat Jumeriah:
At Talisa Spa you can have the most luxurious spa treatments. They offer over 37 there. This is inspired by Morocco where they scrub at you, they do exfoliation, they coat you in lotion that has 24K gold. Its everything you could ever dream of when you do a spa experience.

Visit Old Dubai:
In this area, you can experience what people used to live like an old Dubai. It’s a complete market place with everything. You should buy spices from here is Saffron and Zatar. You can always negotiate prices here. On my experience cut at least 50% from the price they give to you.

Burj Khalifa:
How can you miss world tallest building when you are at Dubai. This building has 200 floors. They have highest library restaurants. Burj Khalifa can be seen from 95Km away.

Conclusion: Dubai is considered as the safest city, with a crime rate of almost 0%. Law is very strict and people have high morality. Traveling to this city probably the best choice of you for tourism. Report Extra:

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