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You All Must Know My Obsession With Travel. Travelling is one of the things, I am very obsessed with. I always explore new things, places, traditions and stuffs like that. Two weeks ago, I visited The “Pink City”, called Jaipur, located in India, in Asia. Jaipur is the capital of the state called Rajasthan in India. I got to know about some amazing facts about this city, which I want to share with you all in this post and I hope that you all will love it.

Before stating anything else, let us all go back to the history of city Jaipur. City Jaipur was discovered by Rajput Ruler, Jai Singh ||, who was the ruler of city Amer. Jaipur is a popular tourist spot, which you will ever find in the country India.

I visited a few spots in Jaipur and I am going to tell you all about all the spots in brief.

Firstly, I visited the spot named as Jantar Mantar, It is a huge complex of 14 huge devices, that tell all of us about space and time. I got to know that the word ‘Jantar’ is taken from the word ‘Yantra’ which actually means a machine and to some extent ‘mantra’ means calculating. So these devices are literally machines that calculate things. But wait, let us all turn back time.

This story begins in the early 18th century, when a king started to focus on “Science”. Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh || was very smart. He mastered five different languages which also includes Arabic and Sanskrit. The rest of India was busy in fighting for land, he looked at the sky. The king was passionate about Mathematics and astronomy. He looked at the night sky and tried to find some logic behind this magic. Jai Singh started his scientific pursuit by studying Islamic school of Astronomy. He borrowed some elements from Greek and Persian observatories.

There are total five Jantar Mantars In India and the largest one is in Jaipur. The observatory consists of 14 geometric devices for measuring the Time of the Day, Distance of Heavenly Bodies. It also helps in predicting eclipses and also the locations of the constellations.

Jaipur is awesome for many reasons. One of them is because Maharaja invited many astronomers from different countries over here, to share ideas and discuss our place in the universe. At that time they used brass instruments for observations but they were not very accurate. Jai singh was a perfectionist, he saw the larger picture. He wanted to build something big that is time less that can measure things with perfection. That is why he built the Samrat Yantra.

It is a sun dial but it is not an ordinary shadow casting machine. It is the biggest in the world and it is more accurate than your average clock. The Samrat Yantra divides each hour into four blocks of fifteen minutes each. Each fifteen minutes block is divided into one minute parts. Each one minute block is sub divided into ten parts, which means six seconds. Each six second part is sub divided into three parts, each of the small bits signify two seconds. This is the reason why Samrat Yantra can calculate time with an accuracy of two seconds.

We all know that India used Indian Standard Time which is only accurate if you stay anywhere in India, it is an assumed average time. The Samrat Yantra gives you an accurate time of the particular location in which it is located and even after so many years, the technology that we developed three hundred years ago is accurate upto two seconds. It means that when you are here, trust this device more than your phone.

Secondly, I visted a place named ‘Hawa Mahal’ which is a palace in Jaipur and it is made up of red and pink sandstone. This monument was built by Maharaj Sawai Pratap Singh (The grandson of the founder of city Jaipur) in 1799. The design of this monument was designed by Lal Chand Ustad. It has five unique floors. In the year 2006, the government worked on the renovation of this monument after a gap of fifty long years and spent around Rs 4.568 million. This place is one of the reason why Jaipur is known as the Pink City of the country.

The top two floors of the monument are accessed only through ramps. Hawa Mahal is also known as chef-d’œuvre of Maharaja Jai Singh because it was his favorite resort because of the attractive design of the monument.

The other beautiful places were Amber Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal Palace and other attractive places which you must visit in Jaipur.

The City Jaipur has royal looks and has royal heritage in abundance that you must give a visit. A part of Jaipur is also reserved for the last royal family who still lives in the heart and land of this city. The city Jaipur contains a lot of palaces and structures . The walks will let you explore the history of royal kings, Tripolia Gate, Udai Pol, Virendra Pol etc. The city also has a collection of swords, armory, daggers, and weaponry that are years old and also will leave you in great shocks.

Not only places but you will also get a chance to taste the amazing cuisines of the place ‘Rajasthan’. It has some great food taste and you will not find that taste anywhere else in the world. The delicious Dal Bati Churma, Thepla, Dhokla, Saang and what not. You will also get a chance to experience the best festivals like Teej, Gangaur and every other festival.

The Pink city is also famous for the shopping places in the entire world. The beautiful jewelries, decorating items, stuffs are only available here. The tradition of this city cannot be defined in the words, you all need to give a visit to this place once.

I hope you find this post interesting and helpful, Thank you for reading it till here.

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